How to make the most of meetings with clients


Three infallible tips to make great impressions on your next meeting with a potential or existing client…

We all know that meetings with clients are unique an unrepeatable. And because of people’s busy agendas, we don’t really know when we’ll meet again with a specific client. This is why you have to take advantage of every minute of the appointment.

How? Here we will share some tips to have a great meeting and leave a good impression with your client (potential or existing):

Ask how much effective time you’ll have

The truth is that (almost every time) meetings often start late. So you will have to accept the fact that you lost those few minutes. But once you start the meeting, ask your client how much time they got for you. Because chances are that they have to cut short to attend other matters. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. But if you know from the beginning, you can focus on the important parts of your presentation.

Simulate a tennis game


The worst mistake you can make is talking non-stop. Turn the presentation into an interactive conversation. Of course, it´s important that you present your proposal or numbers, but it is even more important to pay attention to what the client has to say (body language too). This is not a class, so don’t leave the questions to the end! If you notice they want to talk, let them. They might want to add some interesting insights to the conversation. And this will benefit you both.

End the meeting 1 or 2 minutes early

You want your client to know that you are not one of those people that goes on and on in meetings. Look at your watch and mention those 2 minutes to spare. This way the client will perceive you as someone who respects their busy schedule and most definitely will want to meet with you again.

Remember: time is money! So take advantage of every minute of the meeting with potential and existing clients.

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