7 things you have to talk about in any investment pitch

If you want to impress possible investors, then you ought to consider these recommendations.


Even if your business idea is great, it won’t go anywhere without funding. This is why it’s vital that you find possible investors. Once you’ve scheduled a meeting, it’s time to make your pitch. In this case, first impressions matter. A lot. So you want to wow the people in the room with your presentation.

Besides explaining what your business is about, you need to inspire investors. Make them want to be part of this great idea, but most importantly, convince them it’s not only viable but also has the potential to generate revenue.

If you are planning to present your product or service to a possible group of investors, here are 7 things you have to cover in your pitch:


The idea itself

In just a sentence or two, define your idea. Make it very clear and striking, since it’s the first slide they will see.


The problem and opportunity

Justify your idea. Talk about the current problems your customers are facing. Don’t forget to share statistics about the market.

The solution

Now you can elaborate on your idea. Tell them all the details. Explain how the product or service works and differentiate yourself from competitors.


The business model

Until this part, investors don’t really know how this idea will generate revenue. This is why this slide is so important. Explain the business model and compare yourself with your competitors’ prices.


The Marketing Plan

Describe how are you going to reach your customers. Mention examples such as promotions, ad campaigns, digital strategies, etc.

The Financial Plan

This is the serious part of your pitch, so really focus. Financial plans are all about the numbers. Investors are going to want to see your profit/loss information at least for the next three years. It will take time, but it is necessary that you include this on your presentation.



To sum up, go back to the brilliance of the idea. This is where you ask them for funds, so try to be smooth but direct.

If you believe in your idea, so do us. If you need help preparing your investment pitch, contact us. Our consultants will guide you so you can impress all assistants in your next investment meeting.